Innovations Unlimited

nCircle R Disaster Management Usage Reports

Village : Alichiga Patnawala
G.P: Luit Khabalu
Block : Telahi
Dist: Lakhimpur

Construction of pit

Being made

Toilet at a shelter

Alichiga Patnawala is a perennially flood affected area and the people of the village have no habit of using toilet. So, open defecation is a common system in the village.

The people of the Alichiga Patnawala village expressed that this is the first time for them to have this kind of toilet. They have not seen this type of emergency toilet earlier. The method of erection of the toilet is very simple.

The toilet will give them privacy which they feel a very important subject for them. The flood affected people are happy with the simple and easy to erect technology of the product.

The flood affected people of Alichiga Patnawala are grateful to Innovations Unlimited and IGSSS for spreading awareness about health and sanitation and giving the Portable innovative portable temporary toilet.

Block : Dhemaji
Revenue Circle: Dhemaji
Dist: Dhemaji
Constructed by : DRR team IGSSS

People are happy with the toilets

Dhemaji Block has been affected by flood since 1983 consecutively. Water flows through the breached portion and inundates the villages affecting them severely every year. The year 2011 floods swept away many houses, property and belongings from many villages of the area, rendering them homeless. The flood damaged the standing crops with silt and sand deposition. There was no toilet as all the toilets were swept away by the consecutive floods for which the flood affected people were defecating in the open.

Emergency toilets were provided by us along with our partner IGSSS, on the road to Kechukhana Kachari Gaon where people were temporarily taking shelter. They were extremely relieved to have the toilets as they provided them with much required privacy.